Accessing your records

Patients may request access to their record either verbally or in writing. Patients may ask to see the whole history or a specific part of the history.

Patients may request a copy of their record, or ask to view their record in the presence of the doctor.

Procedure for Patients

When a patient makes a request for access to their records, they must produce some form of identification. E.g. Drivers Licence, Passport, Proof of Legal Guardianship, Power of Attorney.

An appointment with the Doctor of your choice must be made for the collection or viewing of the record.


Medicare does not cover this service and it is therefore a private cost to the individual.

These costs must be paid upon collection or viewing of the record:

Cost for retrieval of record or part of record:  20c per sheet copied

Cost of viewing record with doctor:  Consultation fee

Copyright remains with the Healthcare Centre, and copies are not for release to third parties without the authorisation of the patient and the Healthcare Centre.


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