Preventative Checklist

Are your immunisations up to date? Going abroad?

Check vaccine schedule.

Think about:

Hep.A. Hep.B. Tet.tox. Polio and Typhoid. Malaria. Prophylaxis.

Special needs:

Rabies vaccine. Meningitis vaccine. Yellow fever vaccine.

Cervical Screening:

A routine check is recommended every two years.

Breast Screen:

Every two years after the age of 45.

Blood Pressure:

An annual check is recommended.

Measurement of height and weight:

An annual check is recommend.

Random blood sugar:

An annual check is recommended unless diabetic. In which case it should be more frequently.

Urine analysis:

An annual check is recommended.

Other checks:

Cholesterol. Long term sugar control. Prostate.

Discuss any of the above with your doctor if you are concerned.


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